Compete at a High Level

Join a youth basketball team in Calhoun County, MI

Interested in joining a youth basketball team? Check out the youth basketball league at Play Right Basketball Academy in Calhoun County, MI. Our junior NBA league runs throughout the year. Our league practices continue to incorporate a balance of basketball and academics. League participation involves traveling for tournaments. We also have an option for kids that are looking to raise their game to the next level.

Join an AAU team today to compete against other athletes looking to further their basketball careers and play at the highest level. Sign up today to join a youth basketball league or AAU team.

Discover the benefits of playing youth basketball

Discover the benefits of playing youth basketball

Play Right Basketball Academy sponsors a junior NBA league in Calhoun County, MI.

Joining a youth basketball league will encourage:

  • Improved balance and hand-eye coordination
  • Commitment to an exercise regimen
  • The development of social skills
  • Improved strategic thinking

Contact us today to join our junior NBA league